Bridging The Gap Between Environmental And Fiscal Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

  • Dramatically Lowers Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Projects a Positive Public Image


Fiscal Responsibility

  • Significantly Reduces Operating Expenses
  • Lowers Energy Bills
  • Extended Equipment Life & Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Comfort


The following case studies and testimonial provide an excellent overview and proof of concept of our technology.

We’ve included 3 case studies: residential; fast food franchise (small commercial footprint); and a large commercial distribution facility.

The benefits translate into direct and significant capital savings of 20 to 25% on the energy expense while simultaneously contributing to a global effort in reducing one’s carbon footprint. The latter certainly entitles all participants to the bragging rights and good public relations from such efforts.

Testimonial from Con Edison Executive



I wanted to make sure you were familiar with an ECO option to consider at USPS facilities you will be surveying. The product is called IceCold, it is a refrigerant additive that helps DX units improve the heat transfer efficiency in the cooling coil/condensing coil by migrating the oil from the transfer surface. The delta T goes up, so the space reaches set point sooner, and equipment cycle time is reduced as well as kW reduction at the compressor.

We are putting the additive in at Kearny North Jersey P&DC and will be putting the additive in at the Dallas P&DC. By CC: I am introducing you to our local representative Shawn Rae who can give you additional details, pricing, etc. I can vouch for the product as I installed it in my home and am averaging 26%+ reduction in electric usage after reconciling for cooling degree days. It shows an immediate drop in amperage upon introduction , but the real improvements start after the additive has been in the system for several weeks to a month.

For savings calculations purposes, I use the spreadsheets we have to calculate cooling energy consumption and assume 20% to 25% reduction.

Eric Lawton
Director, Energy Services
ConEdison Solutions

USPS Distribution Center Proof of Performance


Project: USPS Property ID #050464-G03 Bakersfield CA
Equipment Treated: Seven 20 ton Roof Top Units (140 tons Total)

The Technology improved the efficiency of units between 38% to 46% even with outside wet bulb temperatures in excess of 115° F. Moreover, normally units in the central valley are designed to operate with max temperatures between 105° F to 110° F and will rapidly lose efficiency once temperature exceeds the EER threshold. The results from this additive show that that increased performance in these units allowed them to handle temperatures over 115° F. This product delivered more than what was expected.

Brian Strickland
Air Control Services
Bakersfield, CA

Help Mother Earth heal and make a profit!

Do your part, it’s easy and profitable.
• Lower your carbon footprint;
• Increase the energy efficiency of your facility;
• Protect and extend the life of your compressors and equipment;
• Lower your energy usage – all the while saving you money each and every month.


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